CoLiving and CoHousing Differences

The evolution of social and housing dynamics has led to the emergence of new models of coliving and cohousing. These forms of collaborative housing represent a response to the needs of a society increasingly oriented towards sharing, socialization, and sustainability. In the introduction, we will explore the basics of these two concepts and their impact [...]

What is coliving and its benefits

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern living arrangements, coliving has emerged as a compelling alternative to traditional housing models. Offering a unique blend of community, convenience, and shared experiences, coliving has captured the imagination of individuals seeking a more enriching and collaborative way of life. In this introduction, we'll delve into the origins of coliving, [...]

3 Benefits of Coliving for Job Starters

back 3 Benefits of Coliving for Job Starters: Networking, Flexibility and more Embarking on a new job in a new city or country can be both exciting and challenging. As you try to wrap your head around your new work place, finding suitable accommodation becomes another challenging aspect of the journey. In recent years, coliving [...]


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