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of Coliving

We make your start in your new environment easier: Forget your worries and start your adventure

"We create the conditions for our members to experience a pleasant and hassle-free arrival so they can explore their new surroundings and effortlessly immerse themselves in the local culture."


Your personal retreat

Each member has their own comfortable apartment with the privacy they need to relax after an eventful day - private bathroom, kitchen and Smart TV included.

your oversized living room

Enjoy over 1,500 square feet of shared space: Lobby, lounges, coworking space, outdoor terrace, community kitchen and more - all at your disposal. Keep up your workout routine in our gym or enjoy doing your chores in our laundry room with entertainment system.

Assemble your expedition team

Our active and inclusive community loves to welcome newcomers, and our regular events, from Thursday drinks at the bar to a dip in the nearby Rhine, make it easy for you to break the ice and connect with other Ariv members and locals.

Leave your worries behind!

The Ariv team will help you find your way around your new surroundings - from which bus to take or where to find the best pizza place in Basel, to advice on how to register with the local authorities.

Tips for your stay

  • Take a boat ride on the nearby Rhine or, for the more adventurous among you, swim a few meters down the river
  • Visit the world-famous events that take place throughout the year, such as Art Basel, Basel Carnival or the Swiss Indoors (tennis)
  • Visit a museum, an art exhibition, a theater or a concert - Basel is considered the cultural stronghold of the nation
  • Take a pub crawl through the pulsating Steinenvorstadt
  • Take a trip to the old town with its market square and many other historical places
  • Visit Stücki Park next door with restaurants, stores, a movie theater, a workout at the region's largest gym or a round of bowling
  • Take a day trip to the neighboring countries of Germany and France
  • Put on your dancing shoes and explore Basel's nightlife, like the world famous techno club "Nordstern" on a cargo ship in the harbor
  • Discover the up-and-coming subcultural scene around the harbor and the tri-border area
  • Watch a FC Basel football match at St. Jakob Park stadium
  • Indulge in melted cheese at one of Basel's traditional restaurants
  • Take a hike through the area with its historic castles and beautiful views
  • Get on the train and visit the nearby ski resorts Engelberg (CH) or Feldberg (GER)

The place to be

According to Internations' annual "Expat Insider" study, Basel is one of the top 10 best expat destinations in the world.

Swiss and yet different

Basel has a lot to offer, especially away from the famous "Heidi" clichés. You can find more information and suggestions on the Basel Tourismus website.


The length of your stay determines your booking experience Less than one month About a month