We are expanding

Ariv's goal is to cover all Swiss metropolitan areas within the next 5 years.

Scaling Targets

The following Swiss cities have been identified as desired destinations for Ariv:

- Zurich
- Zug / Cham / Baar
- Lausanne
- Geneva

Other European countries are also being considered for the second expansion phase.

In terms of real estate needs, we are looking for the following criteria for our concept:

  • Repositioning of existing hotels or new construction/development.

  • 3'500-8'000 m² GFA

  • 0-150 suites and spacious public areas for co-working, communal kitchen, lounges and sports areas

  • Integration in mixed-use concepts possible

  • Ariv is open to various contractual arrangements.

  • Opportunities for real estate partners

  • Future Living AG leases larger spaces for longer periods of 15+ years.

  • Ariv Co-Living has flexible brand standards with regard to structural implementation. This makes the product predestined for the repositioning of hotels or the conversion of other commercial properties.

  • Due to the shorter lease term and high level of service, Ariv Coliving is able to command a price premium over the traditional housing market.

  • On the other hand, Ariv's operating costs are significantly lower compared to hotels, resulting in higher profitability. These factors make Ariv an interesting partner for real estate investors.
Eva White CEO


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